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Hurricane Ivan Aid People Helping People spearheaded by
Gail Jackson of the Negril Tree House Resort

In September, Hurricane Ivan traveled along the south coast of Jamaica devastating many parts of the Island. One of the hardest hit areas was the coastal communities surrounding Negril. Homes were partially or totally destroyed, washed away by the oceans tidal surge, flooding from the rain, or blown down by the wind. Many a resident lost their roofs and all their belongings were drenched with water. After the storm a common site to be seen was clothes, beds & bedding, and other household items laying in the Caribbean Sun drying out while residents began the rebuilding/repairing of their homes. Businesses, where people were employed, were affected by the storm. Many had to temporary lay off employees until they were able to get their properties back in shape.

Through all the devastation, trials, and tribulations, the Jamaican spirit remained high and steadfast. "I give thanks" was heard often as the reply when asked, "how one was doing". The true character of Island 's inhabitants, "One Love", shown bright. People banned together, working side by side aiding their fellow Ivan victims by housing those made homeless, feeding those with out food supplies, sharing humanitarian relief, and displayed a common objective to rebuild their homes, communities, and businesses, and get the Tourism Industry, the main source of employment in the area, up and running again. They worked hard in the Ivan cleanup process. Many volunteered their time and services cleaning up the beaches, parks, and highways. After walking and photographing the beach many times since Ivan and driving the highways, I can proclaim that their attitude and actions have produced remarkable results. The Negril area is ready for this winter's tourist season.

There are many stories that can be told of people helping people. This Hurricane Ivan Aid photo story is just one example of the benevolence and aid that I observed first hand. Gail Jackson of the Negril Tree House Resort was motivated to action after Ivan. She decided to raise funds to aid Ivan's victims utilizing today's technology the Internet - E-mail as a prime source of fundraising. E-mail pleas went out to friends, business associates, and previous Negril Tree House Resort guests from all over. She promised to walk 100 miles in support of Ivan Aid and asked individuals to pledge as little as .25 cents per mile. She finished the walk around the first week in November, and decided to keep walking. She posted Hurricane Ivan Aid on the Message Board, made personal phone calls, and made know her efforts at every opportunity possible. Her actions and attitude motivated many to come to the aid of Ivan victims and she was able to raise over $6,000.00 US. With the funds, she purchased $5,000 {$83.33 US}Jamaica gift certificates at local hardware stores, and bought truck loads of beds. As a result of efforts by Gail and many others, Hurricane Ivan Aid donations have brought aid to over 120 Hurricane Ivan Victims, so far.

While raising Hurricane Ivan Aid funds, Gail, the Negril Tree House staff, Negril Police Officers, and other volunteers, went out looking to identify Ivan victims, interviewed those in need, and selected many that could be helped. Gail with the Negril Tree House Resort Staff hosted three Hurricane Ivan Aid presentations to Ivan victims. The first presentation was on October 17th. People learning of the first Ivan aid presentation donated funds and services so that it was possible to have two more presentations of Ivan aid on October 31st, and November 20th. During the presentations, hotel guests at check-out, and individuals attending donated to the cause. There was a great spirit of charity and love display by all. Refreshments were provided. Donated items of clothing, etc. were placed upon tables where Ivan victims could select from them. The Venezuelan Military volunteered transportation services and gift food bags. They came prepared with a large military truck and a crew cab truck to transport recipients of the mattresses and the two goats back to their homes. Home deliveries were made to the communities of Silver Springs, Little London, Ketto, Springfield, and Brighton. Stops were made to areas of Negril - Whitehall, Red Ground, Nonpariel Road, and the West End. The two goats seemed quite safe and content amongst the mattresses, people, and gift food bags in the back of the large military truck. I believe it took at least three trips to complete their mission after the third Ivan Aid presentation. Many thanks, and great appreciation are due the Venezuelan military for their help with Hurricane Ivan Aid. By the way, if you did not already know, the Venezuelan military is bivouacked next to the Negril Community Center while they rebuild homes, roofs, and roads damaged by Hurricane Ivan. They are scheduled to be in the Negril area for the next 6 months.

Well, what now? Gail mentioned, during the last aid presentation, that her see-through plastic bag was empty of funds. All donations have been spent. However, she is still committed to continue the Hurricane Ivan Aid Fund Raising effort. There are still many Hurricane Ivan victims that have been identified that could use aid. She hopes that new individuals learning of Hurricane Ivan Aid will once again fill up her plastic bag and allow her to reach out with aid to those still in need.

For more information about how you can also aid Hurricane Ivan victims, please contact Gail Jackson at .

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Hurricane Ivan Aid Photos

October 30, 2004 Hurricane Ivan Aid Presentation

November 20, 2004 Hurricane Ivan Aid Presentation


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