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For those visitors who wish to venture out to the countryside of Negril's outskirts, we recommend a trip to the Whitehall Guest House Estate. This site offers an incredible view of the entire Negril beach to the morass and the mountains in the distance.

This 400-year-old building on this 400+ acre estate is currently undergoing repair and renovations from a fire, which destroyed most of it four years ago. But, the original Italian tiles are in surprisingly good shape after 400 years. The house originally had 10 bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and living areas. The current owner is planning on restoring it to its original condition.

The property was originally built and owned by Robert Parkinson in 1796. Mr. Parkinson died of Parkinson disease at the age of 42 thereby acquiring the name that we know today for that terrible disease. Spices, such as pimento, were grown on the property. Horses were also bred and raised on the property. The famous horse, Nonesuch, was bred here.

Transportation to Whitehall Great House Estate was provided by "Sammy's Jamaican Tours".

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